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Ask Trev

There's so many Trevors on our website just waiting for your questions. So - if you have a query - Ask Trev!

And because our Trevors cover such a huge variety of subjects, it's very likely

that one of them will have the answer you're looking for. Ask Trev, it's free!

Ask Trev

So, it turns out that there really is a lot of 'clever Trevors' out there. But the most heart warming part of this story, is that when approached, they all wanted to be part of a cohort of individuals, which did good stuff for everyone and anyone who needed help. For free! The idea of being associated with an activity that was purely altruistic, was really, (and instantly) appealing.

Sadly, more and more, society has tended towards the reverse of altruism. Perhaps a little more selfish than it was, a little less kind, and certainly a lot more cycnical. is a completely free service.

But nowadays, people don't trust 'free', they don't believe 'free'. There must be a catch, and unfortunately, there is in most cases. But not here. Ask a question, get an answer, pay nothing. Job done.

Why is it free? It's free because a group of people, all called Trevor decided they wanted their name to be synonymous with generosity, charity and kindness. The truth is that for some years now, 'Trevor' is a name too often in the media,  given to either a Geek or a Nitwit. And strangely, there's no historical provenance for it. No 'trigger' which started this trend. It seems to have evolved from nowhere.  So, you could call this endeavour a Trevor fightback. A wrong which is finally being put right, towards a time when Trevor = Help

Teacher - "Jimmy, how did you manage with your homework?"

Jimmy - "Oh, it was cool, I got help from my dad, he went full Trevor on it"

FREE HELP.     No strings, no tricks, no catches. So, go ahead, Ask Trev.

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